Grow Online & In-Store Revenue With Amazing Customer Intelligence

Increase Revenues
We provide key insights & intelligence which help you jumpstart your eCommerce growth engine
Improve Conversion
Increase key conversion, retention & recovery rates at every stage of the customer journey
Benchmark Yourself
Improve with comparison benchmarks against competitors & industry leaders, like Amazon
Discover Problems
Quickly discover where your digital properties fall short of customer expectations
Way Better ROI
Target precious digital resources & investment into areas which produce the highest returns
Smart Built-in Advisor
Improving all your CX scores is now much easier with embedded digital best practices guides
Cross Channel
End-to-end comprehensive analysis which audits over 350 unique factors across your web, mobile & social channels
User Behaviour
Compare yourself against industry performance on: Bounce Rates, Page Views, Pages Visited & Visit Duration
4 Lenses
See your digital assets in a new light: Shopper Friendliness, Design & Usability, Marketing & Discovery, Buyer Experience
See how industry leaders perform on: Visitors,
Referrals, Search Traffic, Email & Display Ads
13 Retail Categories
Retailers compete across 12 major categories and we cover them all
Improve customer experience by enhancing: Page Sizes, Site Speed, Load Times & Google Page Speed
Scores & Ranks
Get easy to understand, colour-coded scores and industry ranks which highlight who you have to beat
Median Variance
Median values present an industry baseline.
Median variance tells you how much better/worse you are doing.

Full Spectrum Improvement

Scores for Every Stage
We provide you with a score for every step of the customer journey. This helps you focus your resources and investments on those areas which really matter.
Industry Wide Scores
The overall CX score gives you a simple way to determine how well, or how poorly, you are doing. As your customer experience improves, so does this score.
One Score to Track
In a data-driven organization, you are inundated with a lot of numbers. To make things simple for busy executives, we provide you with one score to track your performance.
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Multi-Channel Coverage

Chasm CX is a comprehensive suite which evaluates hundreds of factors across 3 primary digital channels: Web, Mobile & Social.
This channel delivers over 60% of online traffic to retailers, so it’s obviously the one we focus on the most. We run automated tests and perform manual audits to test every aspect of your website. From design and speed to usability and functionality, we test hundreds of factors to ensure your online store attracts, converts and retains the maximum number of online shoppers.
If there’s one channel which offers the greatest ROI, it’s this one. We evaluate, measure and track mobile performance and provide insights to help you improve the mobile experience. Digital leadership is impossible until you deliver a great mobile app across major platforms, and link it with your existing online retail, customer service and loyalty platforms.
Even though social shopping never really became a big thing, social media platforms are still incredibly important for online retailer. We track your the performance of your content and campaign across, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to determine their efficacy. We also show you how others are doing, so you can learn from those who dominate this channel by applying best practices.
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New Lenses. New Insights.

See your digital assets from your customer's point of view. We offer 4 new ways to understand how you are performing.
Marketing & Discovery
This indicator informs you about your visibility online
Design & Usability
A score which determines traffic, usage, retention & loyalty.
Shopper Friendliness
A measure of whether you offer features shoppers expect
Buyer Experience
An indicator which measures how easy your buying processes are
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Digital Performance Tracking

Overall Score
The overall CX score gives you a simple way to determine how well, or how poorly, you are doing. As your customer experience improves, so does this score.
Median Variance
For every aspect of CX we measure, the median variance provides a quick indicator of digital performance in a quantifiable manner (positive or negative).
Overall Rank
See where you rank against your online competitors. Staying ahead of competition is key to online revenue growth and overall digital success.

Scores & Ranks for 13 Retail Categories

In the digital era, knowledge is power. With Chasm CX, you always know where you rank, and how you score, across all major categories.
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We built Chasm CX, the first analytics platform which measures customer experience across every channel, and at every stage of the customer journey.
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We are leading experts in CX. We work with you to implement industry best practices and improve your digital customer experience in a measurable way.
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