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Digital Innovators

As a team, we have been at the forefront of testing, learning, experimenting & creating new services for the past 20 years. Our commitment to innovation led us to develop Chasm CX, designed for the world’s best companies.

CX Specialists

The key to digital success requires being laser-focused on customer needs. We help our clients understand & delight customers by improving the overall Customer Experience. Our approach is methodical, scientific & based on best practices.

Growth Catalysts

If you are not in the process of becoming a technology company, your market position is in serious jeopardy. As the pace of change accelerates, enterprises need to commit to a CX-led optimization path.

The key to business growth is digital innovation in the service of improving customer experience. As recognized experts in customer experience measurement & improvement, we are honoured to help the world's most amazing clients defend and grow their markets.

Ashish Anand — @ashishanand
Founder & CEO, Chasm Digital

Our Values


At Chasm, we help incumbents all over the world defend and growth their markets using digital technologies. We’re always looking for smart, creative, hard-working, passionate digital specialists. If you're interested in a challenging role with the an innovative digital company focused on CX, you've come to the right place.
We are not currently adding new team members.

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We built Chasm CX, the first analytics platform which measures customer experience across every channel, and at every stage of the customer journey.
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We are leading experts in CX. We work with you to implement industry best practices and improve your digital customer experience in a measurable way.
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