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Digital Customer Experience: Why You Should Care

In the digital economy, customers call the shots. Customer-centric companies gain big advantages and grow by understanding customer needs and meeting their expectations. The only way to win is by delivering great digital experiences which are cross-channel, personalized, easy to use and delightful.


Tech Innovation Drives Change

In the last 25 years, technology has reshaped society in countless ways. The pace of change is only accelerating and impacting every industry.

Rapid Consumer Adoption

Consumers have embraced these technologies as fast as they have become available, and their expectations have grown with this continual adoption.

Businesses Struggle to Adapt

Enterprises in every industry have had to rethink their fundamental value proposition, and adapt to a new digital customer-centric world.

CX Becomes Primary Differentiator

For consumers, the primary, and sometimes only, differentiator between competitors is the end-to-end digital customer experience they get.

How To Improve What You Can't Measure

That is the fundamental question which drove us to build Chasm CX, a new type of analytics tool designed to measure and improve CX.

What is Digital (CX) Customer Experience?

CX can best be understood in the context of a customer journey. A Customer Journey is the path customers follow, from the point of discovering you to recommending you to their friends and family. Customers embark on this journey, first by discovering your business online. They then make a decision to buy, and ultimately refer others to you.
The Customer Experience is determined by the quality of every interaction they have with your digital assets as they go through the process of buying from you. The better the experience, the more likely they are to buy from you again and again. With our analytics platform (Chasm CX), digital customer experiences can now be measured and improved.

The Modern Consumer

Smart. Savvy. Demanding. Digital.

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We built Chasm CX, the first analytics platform which measures customer experience across every channel, and at every stage of the customer journey.
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